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A Unique Touch in Dog-Walking

and House-Sitting for Cats and Dogs

Animals have been a lifelong passion of mine: there was always a cat or a dog around during my childhood, and I got on a horse pretty much as soon as I could walk. I considered becoming a vet, but seeing an animal in pain is unbearable to me, so that line of work was not the right fit.

I have been taking care of pets for friends and neighbors since the mid-'80s. I enjoy a special connection with animals, so I decided to put this gift to good use by making it my full-time business in 2014
. I am also an experienced rider and exercised polo ponies and private horses for more than 30 years.

Because you love your pet, you want to give him or her the best possible care. I will help you do that for your pet's safety and well-being, as well as your peace of mind.

My services include: dog-walking (neighborhood walks, runs and hikes), house-sitting, cat visits, horse care — and a lot of love!